Business process optimisation

If your business is not expectedly efficient, its weak links need to be sought out. One of the best methods to find them is the analysation of business processes based on the event logs.

During business process analysis we separate the important knowledge from event logs and identify patterns. First it will help to identify bottlenecks and consequently to find optimal solutions to the already working processes. Applying the results of analysis will increase the efficiency of the business and reduce costs.


During the mining of business processes we build a model, which would help to detect processes, compare them with reality and complement the processes with new perspectives. We use different methodologies in analysing business processes:

Process identification is done by creating a model based on the event log that describes the operation of your business’s processes. For example, we can create the overview of the activities of employees and communication among them.

When checking correspondence of the process we analyse correspondence of the process model with the etalon model, which helps to identify deficiencies in business process. For example, we can compare the created process model and the business’s understanding of the operation of the existing process.

During process complementation we improve the process model with the real data in a manner that the behavioural patterns found in reality would be reflected upon.  In addition, we enrich the process with new perspectives, which would help to find and optimise the bottlenecks of the process. For example, process can be enriched with the chronological, resource and business rule data.