STACC is the leading data science center in Estonia that develops machine learning models and data analytics solutions.


We will create a recommender engine for your web environment that helps to achieve business objectives (maximize the revenue or profitability) by recommending products/articles/items that match with the profile of the user


We will create tools for predicting the outcome of a business process, machine breakdowns, potential new customers, and for providing recommendations on which steps and to what extent to take


We will create tools that separate facts from the text, identify the sentiment of the text and automatically make decisions based on the content of the text

Published: 11.12.2017

X-Road v6 data exchange anomalies, reports and open data

X-Road is a software framework that enables direct secure data exchange over internet between state and private organizations (hereafter “members”).…
Published: 15.11.2017

Extract a feature vector for any image with PyTorch

By Christian Safka, Data Scientist at STACC In this tutorial we will convert images to vectors, and test the quality…
Published: 20.10.2017

STACC is looking for a Software Tester

As our customer base and teams are expanding, we are looking for an addition to our team. As a software…