Plumbr is one the most successful technology start-ups in Estonia. Prior to the cooperation with STACC, they had created a prototype of the product that gathered data and monitored memory use in Java virtual machine. Cooperation with STACC was initiated in order to further improve the accuracy of the algorithm detecting memory leaks.

In the course of the cooperation lasting for 3,5 years, not only this goal was achieved but even more algorithms were developed that helped to detect similar performance problems and their connection with the user experience in the info-system. In addition, the project team has published a great number of academic articles and given presentations in the high-level Java conferences like JavaOne, Devoxx, JFokus, GeeCon, Jpoint etc.

Cooperation with STACC enabled Plumbr to develop and launch a unique software product that monitors IT applications running in Java virtual machine. Plumbr has sold orders to the software service for more than 100 000 EUR for more than 150 customers in 31 states. Plumbr itself has grown to the business with 20 employees and has offices in Tallinn, Tartu and Boston.



Software scientists in STACC in cooperation with Microsoft/Skype have developed the methods to calculate the shortest path of giant graphs.


STACC helped to create Demograft platform that enables to gather and analyse data-intensive passive positioning events dealt by the mobile operators’ systems.


STACC created an anonymisation tool that enables to anonymise various documents.


STACC created a flexible language technological solution that enables to conduct explorative analysis of the big data in Estonian language.