We have always room for awesome data enthusiasts at STACC!

If you know how to work with databases and analyze data with R or Python, and wish to create useful tools for organizations and individuals with the help of data science and machine learning, then you fit well into our team!

We welcome your application also when no specific job offers are currently posted or when you didn’t find a suitable position. In that case, try to solve the challenges below and send the answers with your CV and cover letter to work@stacc.ee and we will contact you shortly.


Try solving the challenges and send us the answers (and the course of solution) with your CV.

Challenge 1

You’re visiting STACC`s office. You can hear two future coworkers speaking in the coffee corner that if you would join STACC, then two of STACC’s employees would probably have their birthdays on the same day. How many people were working in STACC at that moment?

Challenge 2

You have two hourglasses, which can show 4 minutes and 7 minutes respectively. Use both hourglasses (at the same time or one after another or any other combination) and measure a time of 9 minutes using only 9 minutes in total. You can assume that turning the clock is instant.

Challenge 3

Given a string with repeated characters, write a function to rearrange the string so that no two adjacent characters are the same. If this is not possible, return None.

In addition to being part of a highly qualified team solving real-world problems at the leading data science and machine learning company, working at STACC includes some extra perks and benefits:

  • We have small development teams, which make it easier to adapt to a new workplace.
  • Our work environment fosters self-development and you have a chance to participate in training courses within your area of work.
  • Working hours are relatively flexible – we focus rather on results than on time.
  • We provide 28 paid vacation days every year and pay for the first three sick days that are not compensated by the state.
  • We reward our long-time employees with a relaxation package on their work anniversary.
  • Workdays on Children’s Day (June 1) and first day of school (beginning of September) are shortened for the parents working at STACC, so they could spend more time with their children.
  • Frequent all-inclusive team events take place all year round that will help you quickly integrate into our fun team.
  • We support the healthy lifestyle of our employees and encourage everyone to exercise more, which is why we are compensating the sports expenses of our employees on a monthly basis.
  • You can spend your workdays at a cozy office at the city center of Tartu – close to basically everything – and enjoy free fruits, sweets and warm beverages.
  • Oh, and coffee, there’s plenty of coffee.