The best team of data scientists in Estonia helps to solve your company's data analytics tasks!


What we do

Business Process Optimization

To increase efficiency of the business.

We help to find out the real performance of business’ processes,  to identify deficiencies in business processes or seek out opportunities to increase their efficiency.

More options of process mining

Natural Language

Valuable feedback from the free textual big data.

We help to monitor the mentality of people, discern facts from text or perform fast and accurate searchings.

More options of textual analytics

Machine learning

Find new structures in the data mass.

We help to predict buying behaviour of the consumer, identify soon-to-be-leaving customers or avoid contact with the businesses with solvency problems.

More options of machine learning

Personalized medicine

Unique know-how of the personalised medicine.

We help to structure and anonymise medical data, support with the tools of safe infrastructure and analytics.

More options of personalized medicine

Clients and partners

How to contact us

Main Contact

Tarkvara Tehnoloogia Arenduskeskus OÜ


Tel: +372 7 407 522

Tartu office

Ülikooli 2, 5. korrus

Tartu 51003, Estonia

vaata kaardil

Tallinn office

Kentmanni 18-3

Tallinn 10116, Estonia

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Kristjan Eljand


+372 55 54 47 53

Annet Muru

Development manager

+372 53 23 52 66

Maris Veepere

Office manager

+372 7 407 522

Marge Allas

Financial manager

+372 7 407 522

Jaak Vilo

Head of research area

+372 7 407 522

Marlon Dumas

Head of research area

+372 7 407 522

Teaduslik nõuandekogu

Hannu Toivonen

Helsinki University, Soome

Stefan Tai

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Saksamaa

Ülo Parts

Nokia, Soome

Fredrik Palm

Umeå University, Rootsi