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The Software Technology and Applications Competence Centre (STACC) is a research and development centre conducting high-priority applied research in the field of data mining and software and services engineering. The mission of STACC is to enhance the competitiveness of organisations that are closely involved in software technology. Read more...


REACH-U and STACC worked together to develop Demograft, which lets mobile operators profile subscribers using mobile positioning data and create better targeted and more efficient marketing campaigns.


Together with STACC, a proprietary technology was developed that uses image analysis methods to execute image comparison. Using their cloud-based service it is possible to test your web page in 20 seconds as opposed to 10-minute manual test.


SHAREMIND is a data processing system capable of performing computations on input data without compromising its privacy created. Basically the system created by Cybernetica can process data without seeing it. STACC was involved in building several components for its privacy-preserving data processing platform.


STACC has helped to develop Plumbr, a Java performance monitoring tool that automatically detects memory leaks, GC inefficiencies and locked threads. It locates the specific line of code or configuration that is causing the problem in your application and equips you with step-by-step solution guidelines for fixing.